Juvencio Jimenez-Valdez is a master color artist and one of the country’s top hairstylists. From his chic salon in Beverly Hills to his new discreet location in downtown Los Angeles, his celebrity clientele follow him wherever he goes.
— Aleim Magazine


With over twenty-two years of formal training and experience, Juvencio Jimenez-Valdez has established himself as one of the most creative and sought-after stylists in Los Angeles.  Featured in magazines such as Allure and Vogue and placed on lists of "L.A.’s Best Salons," his client list includes A-list actors as well as top industry professionals in entertainment, business, fashion and art.

After attending formal cosmetology schooling at Pasadena City College in 1983 and receiving his license in 1985, he immediately found a position at Ménage a Trois in Beverly Hills, one of the longest-standing, highest ranking salons in the Los Angeles area.  After two and a half years as an apprentice, he worked as a full-fledged stylist at Ménage a Trois for three more years.

By this time, Juvencio’s innovative coloring techniques and cutting-edge style had earned him a reputation as a leader of the “new guard” of hair stylists.  In 1991, he was hired as one of only two independent contractors in the opening of Estilo in West Hollywood.  Juvencio added his unique sensibility to the team of stylists, bringing Estilo to the top of entertainment and fashion-industry salons in Los Angeles.

In 1995, Juvencio was invited to be one of three stylists to establish Delux Beauty Parlor in West Hollywood.  With an inclination for avant-garde style, Juvencio brought freshness and individuality to the look of young Hollywood, maintaining his impressive roster of A-list clientele.

In 1996, Juvencio returned to Beverly Hills with his own salon, Dionicia Essence Boutique. Juvencio’s ever-inventive style, innate sensibility and loyal following of clients brought the hip industry scene back to Beverly Hills.  The first of it’s kind, Dionicia Essence Boutique also functioned as a fine art gallery, featuring the work of prominent L.A. artists such as Donnie Molls.

In 2011, Juvencio established Colorlab Tierrasal (Salt of the Earth) in Downtown Los Angeles.  Located in the heart of Gallery Row at 6th and Spring, in the center of L.A’s best art, fashion and nightlife, Colorlab Tierrasal also opens up to the public during the Downtown Art Walk to present original artwork and live music.  With Colorlab Tierrasal, Juvencio continues to maintain and expand his devoted client set of creative industry professionals and upholds his legacy as one of the nation's most prestigious hairstylists.