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contemporary gallery presents "MA" paintings by Ai Tran

Ai Tran Opening

contemporary gallery is pleased to present "MA," a collection of original paintings by artist, Ai Tran, with an opening reception on Friday, January 22nd, accompanied by DJ Secret Crush and merchants selling clothing and accessories.

Ai Tran is twenty- seven. She was born in Oklahoma and has lived in California since age two. Ai will be moving to Valle de Bravo, Mexico to teach art at Gaspart Studio.


Artist Statement

"At night in my childhood, monsters terrorized me in my dreams and imagination. This creation with original and outside influence was a product of my mind, which made made me a reflection of these monsters. All the way into my adulthood, these transformed into worries, regret, angry memories and premonitions of things that may or may never come. My very own mind becomes my enemy as I am never fully able to shut it off at times. Realizing that my mind is not of a separate entity, but is indeed a part me, these pieces express the embodiment of these monsters through thoughts, my separation of, and the longing for peace of mind and presentness."