Located in Colorlab Tierrasal, contemporary gallery sits in the heart of Gallery Row at 6th & Spring and features work by emerging artists.

Founded in 2011, contemporary gallery presents original artwork and live music in the avant-garde style Juvencio has been associated with since opening his first space in 1996, Dionicia Essence Boutique, where he showcased works from such artists as Tasya van Ree, Donny Molls, and Jeff Ho.

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MERCURY - works by Victor WILDE

Los Angeles, CA – Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present “Mercury,” a collection of work by Downtown Los Angeles artist, Victor Wilde.

Victor Wilde (b. Brooklyn, 1976)

A true artist whose edgy, omnivorous style was forged in the streets through a practice of public performance art and experimental video that lead to the founding of his signature post-punk fashion and lifestyle label Bohemian Society. Victor Wilde’s interactive fashion performances and installations have headlined at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Weekly’s Artopia and the OC Center for Contemporary Art.

Wilde founded fashion and lifestyle label The Bohemian Society in Downtown LA in 2003, where he continues to live, work, and produce his signature brand of post-punk couture. 

"Victor’s irreverent style is found in his ability to blend several mediums together, delivering a fresh, subtle, evocative experience. His unconformity allows us to embrace inventive ways of playing with unconventional materials. Wilde produces the eccentric yet sophisticated out of the simple. As the founder and designer of the international clothing line Bohemian Society he has shared space at Nordstrom, Lisa Klein and Patricia Fields. He even has his own unisex fragrance out called Sex Tape. And he is documenting his experience by writing a memoir." - Whitehot Magazine, May 2017

 “Mercury” opens at contemporary gallery on Friday, December 15th, 2017 and will be on display through Saturday, February 24th, 2018.  

 contemporary gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, and by appointment.

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